Brussels, Belgium Weather and Climate

Brussels Travel Weather & Historic Climate Charts

Brussels has a very moderate historic climate, as you can see from the temperature chart below. Rain is expected throughout the year, with Brussels averaging 32 yearly inches of precipitation.

Brussels, Belgium - When To Go

Folks from Brussels take July and August vacations, so summer isn't a bad time to check out the city. The Grand Palace square The square is decorated with an impressive flower carpet every two years in August, a popular summer attraction.

You might even get a break on hotel prices in summer, although some shops and restaurants may be closed for vacation. Late spring and fall are the best times to visit Belgium, and Brussels is no exception.

Weather in Brussels is known to be rather changeable, so be prepared. Rain is frequent throughout the year, but rain storms are short; wait a while and the weather willl probably change.

Below you'll find the yearly month-by-month temperature and precipitation average charts.

Current Conditions

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Month by Month Temperature Chart

brussels historic temperature chart

Month by Month Precipitation Chart

brussels precipitation chart

Map Showing Brussels

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