European Weather and Historic Climate Charts

Easy to understand weather and climate information for travel planning

Travel Weather offers visual charts of historic climate information for the top tourist destinations in western Europe. Choose your destinations by clicking the country names in the Countries menu on the upper right, or use the buttons below. Click on a city name on the map and you'll see the current weather conditions plus charts of the month-to-month high and low temperatures and precipitation along with general advice on traveling throughout the year, including lodging and transportation advice as well as a street map of that city.

The incredible shrinking dollar has caused Americans to seek out vacations in the off season. It's actually the best time to go to Europe. Here you'll get travel planning help you can actually use for those off-season months. While the dollar is currently strengthening, many tourists have discovered that they actually prefer the shoulder season, the warmer spring and fall months.

European Weather in General

"Moderation in all things" pretty much describes the weather of western Europe, due to the unimpeded flow of winds off the Atlantic Ocean. The lack of mountains along the coast of western Europe allows mild, moist air to sweep across the continent. You'd expect this to bring more rain than it does in most places.

Enjoy exploring the climate of Europe--and we hope it helps with your European travel planning.

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