Ireland Weather and Precipitation Map

What Will the Weather in Ireland Be Like on Your Vacation?

Click or tap the cities on the map of Ireland and Northern Ireland to see the weather and historic climate information for that Irish city. Darker colors on the precipitation map indicate higher yearly levels of precipitation in that zone.

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Ireland Travel Weather - When to Go to Ireland

It won't surprise you that the Emerald Isle has about 50% more rain than the UK. And that's the thing; you expect rain, it's of short duration (usually), and you can expect clearing soon enough. And you've remembered to pack some rain gear.

Temperatures are moderate, almost uniform across the island. Summer temperatures are also moderate, and record highs are not all that high.

It rains more on the west coast than in the east, where rain showers are about as frequent as they are in England.

Planning a trip to Ireland based on typical weather? Use our Ireland weather map to click on the city you're interested in to get graphs of the high and low historic temperatures, rainfall and the latest weather conditions. Below are the links to major tourist cities with historic climate information, in case you can't use the map.

Ireland Weather: Great Destinations to Visit

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