Ghent & Bruges, Belgium Weather and Climate

Gent Travel Weather & Historic Climate Charts

The chart below shows the historic high and low temperatures in Gent, with the rainfall below that. Bruges climate will be similar.

Gent historic Temperatures and Precipitation

Flanders weather is known to be rather changeable, so be prepared. Rain is frequent in spring and fall, but wait a while and it'll probably change. You might think about bringing an umbrella and sweather (or planning to buy one in Gent the first day it rains).

Brugge, perhaps the most popular tourist destination in Belgium, is crowded in summer and especially during the procession of the Holy Blood in May.

As with other travel destinations within Belgium, May through September is the best time to go. July offers the Gent Festival, and is a great time to visit Gent. Winter can be colder than you'd expect.

Gent and Brugge - When To Go

Gent (French) or Ghent (Dutch) and Brugge are two compelling tourist destinations in the north Flanders region of Belgium. Their temperatures are moderated by proximity to the sea. Flanders has a moderate historic climate with frequent rainfall like adjacent Netherlands, as you can see from the temperature chart below.

Current Conditions

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Month by Month Temperature Chart

gent historic temperature chart

Month by Month Precipitation Chart

gent precipitation chart

Map Showing Ghent

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