Naples, Italy Weather and Climate

Naples Weather and Historic Climate Charts

Naples is the capital of the Campania region of Italy. Naples has a famous archaeological museum to visit, and the ancient cities of Pompeii and Herculaneum, as well as the volcano Vesuvious, are near enough to be visited on day trips from Naples. Naples is known for its fine cuisine, which is true of Campania in general.

Naples can be hot and humid in the summer, especially during July and August. Winters are cooler than you might expect for a city in the south.

Naples, Italy - When To Go

July and August are quite hot in Naples, although you won't have to worry much about rain.

Fall is a good time to visit Naples. October daytime temperatures are just about ideal, although you can expect rain about 12 days of the month. It rains less in September, and there are 8 hours of sunlight available each day, a good compromise.

Spring, starting in March when the daytime temperatures are starting to rise is a fine time to visit. March through May will bring you decent temperatures and enough sunshine to make most folks happy.

Naples Historic Temperatures and Precipitation

The climate charts below show the historic high and low temperatures and average monthly rainfall for Naples, Italy.

Current Weather

Yearly Temperature Chart

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Yearly Precipitation Chart

rome historic precipitation

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