Venice, Italy Weather and Climate

Venice Travel Weather and Historic Climate Charts

Venice is everyone's favorite destination in northern Italy, it's wealth gained from its favorable location in the Venetian Lagoon in the Adriatic Sea. Venice is the capital of the Veneto region.

Despite its northern location, Venice can swelter in the summer, when high humidity combines with elevated temperatures to make the body miserable.

As you can see from the precipitation chart, rainfall in Venice is spread out pretty evenly throughout the year.

Venice, Italy - When To Go

Venice can be hot and humid more often than not in July and August--a period that's best avoided. April and May can be pleasant, with about 7 hours of brilliant sunshine each day in May. Expect rain on 12-13 days of the month in spring. September and October are also good times to go, the humidity has receded and the days of rain have decreased.

Lots of tourists flock to Venice in February for carnevale, when it can be cold and foggy. Temperatures at night can fall below freezing, and there's only about 4 hours of sunshine a day.

Venice Historic Temperatures and Precipitation

The climate charts below show the historic high and low temperatures and average monthly rainfall for Venice, Italy.

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Yearly Temperature Chart

Venice historic temperatures

Yearly Precipitation Chart

Venice historic precipitation

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