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Spain Weather Map

Spain Weather Map

Click or tap the cities to see the weather and historic climate information for that Spanish city.

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Spain Travel Weather - When to Go to Spain

"A kind of a centrifugal effect hits Spain in the summer, with all of the inhabitants of the central cities gravitating towards the coast," Says Damian Corrigan of Spain Travel.

He'll point our that most of the Spaniards escape to the north coast where it's cooler and easier to escape the heat of Spain's interior.

The best times to go, as usual for this part of Europe, is spring and fall. You'll enjoy good weather, cheaper lodging, and fewer tourists (although this is changing!) Use our Spain weather map to click on the city you're interested in to get graphs of the high and low historic temperatures, rainfall and the latest weather conditions. Below are the links to major tourist cities with historic climate information, in case you can't use the map.

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Spain Cities: Weather and Climate

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