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Netherlands Weather Map

Netherlands Weather Map

Click or tap the city dots on the Netherlands Weather Map to see the weather and historic climate information for that Dutch city.

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Netherlands Travel Weather - When to Go to Netherlands

Holland has a diverse climate. Weather in the Netherlands is influenced greatly by its position on the North Sea.

Breezes off the cool North Sea keep the Netherlands from getting toasty in the summer. It can be cloudy most days, even the warm ones; clear skies only occur one out of nine summer days.

Winters are moderately cold, but are also prone to Artic or Siberian air masses that can hang around for a week or two.

Planning a trip to Netherlands based on typical weather? Use our Netherlands weather map to click on the city you're interested in to get graphs of the high and low historic temperatures, rainfall and the latest weather conditions. Below are the links to major tourist cities with historic climate information, in case you can't use the map.

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Netherland Cities: Weather and Climate

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