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Austria Weather Map

Austria Weather Map

Click or tap the cities on the Austria Weather Map to see the weather and historic climate information for that Austrian city.

The darker colors on the map indicate the relative yearly rain. The center of Austria has the greatest amount of rainfall.

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Austria Travel Weather - When to Go to Austria

Austia has an Alpine climate; much of Austria is covered with mountains. This uneven terrain causes weather to be unpredictable at times.

This unpredictability can lead to health problems, especially if you're hiking in a wilderness area. Use caution, check the weather before you go, and bring lots of clothing you can layer if things get rough.

Summers are warm and usually pleasant, with occasional drenching rains of a short duration. The winters are generally rather cold and unpredictable, yet have frequent spells of clear, crisp weather with the snowfall.

Innsbruck is subject to "foehn" winds which can make winter seem like summer at times.

In short, Austria is a place to visit any time of year, depending on your preferrence for winter or summer activities. Austria has them all.

Use our Austria weather map to click on the city you're interested in to get graphs of the month by month high and low historic temperatures, rainfall, maps and the latest weather conditions. Below are the links to major tourist cities with historic climate information, in case you can't use the map.

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