Valencia, Spain Weather and Climate

Valencia Weather and Historic Climate for the Traveler

Valencia, Spain's third largest city, can be hot and humid in the summer; winter temperatures are moderated by the Mediterranean. In technical terms it's a warm-temperate subtropical climate.

Rainfall is sparse in Valencia, coming mostly in the spring and fall. There is considerably less rainfall in the summer months.

The hot period is from April to November. There are, on the average, 44 rain days a year.

Best Times To Go to Valencia

If you have to go to Spain in January, Valencia should be on your list, although you might not have a lot of sun. The weather is quite good through August, although there's really no bad time to go as far as the weather is concerned. If you must go in August, reserve your lodging in advance, as this is the major vacation time in Spain.

Las Fallas, one of Valencia's most famous festivals, takes place from March 15-19.

Valencia Historic Temperatures and Precipitation

The charts below show the historic high and low monthly temperatures in Valencia and the month-by-month rainfall.

Current Weather

Month by Month Temperature Chart

valencia historic temperature chart

Month by Month Precipitation Chart

valencia precipitation chart

Map Showing Valencia

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