Glasgow, Scotland Weather and Climate

Glasgow Travel Weather and Historic Climate Charts

Glasgow is the largest city in Scotland. Like the rest of the United Kingdom, it has unpredictable weather. Its northern location makes it cooler than England, but not as cold as you might think, Glasgow weather is typiclaly quite mild, even compared to the rest of Scotland.

Winters are generally cool and overcast.

Best Times to Go

Glasgow is perhaps best visited in the spring, March to May, when flowers blooming give it a sudden cheer after the long winter. Summer has the best weather, although you still have to expect some clouds and showers, especially in the morning. The driest month is May--but you'll still have to face an average of 19 days of precipitation, on 12 of those days expect more than 1 mm of rain.

Glasgow Historic Temperatures and Precipitation

The climate charts below show the historic high and low temperatures and average monthly rainfall for Glasgow, Scotland.

Current Conditions


Month by Month Temperature Chart

glasgow historic temperature chart

Month by Month Precipitation Chart

glasgow precipitation chart

Map Showing Glasgow

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