Aveiro, Portugal Weather and Climate

Aveiro Portugal Weather and Historic Climate

Aveiro is a pleasant little gem to visit in Portugal's Centro region. Canals slice through it. You can ply them on a colorfully decorated boats called Moliceiros.

Aveiro's weather is moderated by its location close to the Atlantic, buffered by a wide lagoon and salt pans that have been exploited for centuries. You won't see any extremes in the graphs below. Although mild, winter months tend to be rainy, even more so than Lisbon. But the good news is that even in rainy November the total precipitation is a mere 5 inches.

Aveiro - When To Go

Late spring and Fall are the best times to visit, although summers are quite mild as well. It can be a bit nippy for Semana Santa, the holy week celebrated heartily by the citizens of Aveiro. June is optimal, as the festival season is heating up in Aveiro--The World Music Festival is held in late June to coincide with the festival of Sao Joao. If you must go in Summer, reserve your lodging in advance, as this is the major vacation time in Europe--and the temperatures in Aveiro are quite pleasant.

Aveiro historic Temperatures and Precipitation

The charts below show the historic high and low temperatures and the month by month average precipitation in Aveiro, Portugal

Current Conditions

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Yearly Temperature Chart

aveiro historic temperature chart

Yearly Precipitation Chart

aveiro precipitation chart

Map Showing Aveiro

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